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Does your business face the following problems?​

You lack a clear and well-formulated data strategy

You see the importance of your business being data-driven but you do not know how to build a sustainable strategy.

You possess data but you are under-utilizing them

You do not know what questions to ask, or what insights and usage can you make the most of from your data asset.

You lack the resources in implementing a data strategy

You feel hiring an in-house data team is costly and you have no time for data strategies as you can’t see the short-term benefits.

You need help setting up a data management system

Your data is sitting on various platforms. You want to have a centralized system where you can manage them in an efficient and orderly way.

Your data is not stored safely

Your data assets are not being protected and could be the target of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Your way of managing documents is dragging your productivity down

Your business document is sitting separately on different members’ desktops. They easily go missing and lost without backups.

How DataSI can help?

Data Management

Manage your business data and document in a centralized and secured location with Microsoft 365 Toolkit.

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Implement a data solution that can answer your business question anywhere, anytime. Turn your business data into actionable insights.

Advanced Analytics

Discover deeper insights beyond traditional BI solutions including making predictions and strategic recommendations.

Unlock Your Strategic Data Asset

Companies that are data-driven is proven to lead the game in the competitive landscape, they are:


more likely to achieve and maintain a profitable status


times more likely to acquire new customers


boost in profits and operating margins


more likely to retain customers​

Statistics from Mckinsey

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