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Who We Are:

Established in 2022 by three seasoned data experts, DataSI takes pride in leading the charge in converting raw data into actionable insights. Leveraging our team’s extensive experience collaborating with companies across diverse sizes and industries, we’ve personally witnessed the untapped potential residing within corporate data repositories.

Far too often, businesses inadvertently miss out on significant opportunities, leading to daily financial losses from operational inefficiency and underutilization of valuable business insights.

At DataSI, our mission is to empower companies by unlocking the true potential of their data, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed and no business insight remains underutilized.

group of data consultants discussing

Team at DataSI

data expert Jyri

Jyri Paasonen

Senior Data Consultant
Email: jyri.paasonen@datasi.io
data expert Jussi Jylha

Jussi Jylhä

Senior Data Consultant
Email: jussi.jylha@datasi.io
Data expert Olli

Olli-Pekka Aaltonen

Senior Data Consultant
Email: olli.aaltonen@datasi.io
data expert jingzhe

Li Jingzhe

Marketing and Data Analyst
Email: li.jingzhe@datasi.io

Why Work with Us?

Our Services

datasi data strategy consulting

In a dynamic data landscape, our experts guide your business with tailored strategies. From data acquisition to utilization, we ensure your data aligns seamlessly with your goals.

data management

Elevate your data infrastructure for seamless flow and reliability. From structuring to securing, our approach guarantees data integrity, unleashing its true potential.

datasi business intelligence service

Transform raw data into actionable insights with our BI service. Beyond charts, our tailored solution empowers decision-makers for informed choices.

Read Success Stories

Data Management

intranet manufacturing industry case study

Revolutionizing Employee Management in the Manufacturing Industry

Through streamlined and efficient data management practices, we have successfully navigated and overcome challenges for our client, an established manufacturing factory.

Intranet Solution

intranet chemical

Streamlining Chemical Management with SharePoint Intranet

By implementing a modern intranet solution, we successfully assisted our client, a mid-sized chemical processing factory, in navigating and overcoming complex regulatory obstacles.

Business Intelligence

intranet healthcare case study

Revolutionizing Financial Management for Asset Management Partner

By implementing a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, we have effectively addressed a major challenge for our asset management client—eliminating the absence of a centralized platform for accessing vital financial metrics.