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Frequently Asked Questions

DataSI is a global data consultancy and solution provider that caters to companies across all scales, enabling them to unlock their true potential through the optimized utilization of their valuable data assets.

Our specialization encompasses diverse areas including data management, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, advanced analytics as well as data strategy and planning, among others.

We have worked with companies of different sizes and from different sectors.

As companies have increased their data literacy throughout the years and recognized data capability as a core competence, more small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have approached us for an effective and sustainable data solution. We have also abundant experience working with government sectors and Non-profit organziations (NGOs).

The service charge largely depends on the scope of project and complexity.

In consideration of our hourly-based pricing structure, our approach begins with a thorough understanding of your needs and requirements.

By examining the technological intricacies and your specific demands, we will provide a personalized pricing proposal and project timeline for you. This tailored approach allows us to provide you with a more comprehensive estimate and cost for your project.

The time required for each project is different.

Few influencing factors including:

1) Nature of the project (whether it’s data management or projects on Business Intelligence & Analytics)

2) Complexity of the project including the amount of resources and technology we need to complete the project

We have headquarters in both Finland and Singapore.

Our experts can speak English, Finnish, and Mandarin fluently.

Our clients are mostly based in Europe and Asia. Regardless of which time zone you are from, we are able to achieve smooth and timely communication with you.