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What Can An Efficient Intranet Do for You?

An intranet will be your most helpful assistant that helps to increase team collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Improved Team Communication

Members can better understand each other's work scope in the intranet, and find the required information and related members more efficiently.

streamline processes

Streamline Processes

Especially on the onboarding of new members, the intranet can ensure efficient automation of internal processes, and documents can be directly submitted to relevant personnel.

knowledge hub

Knowledge Hub

The intranet can be used as a company's internal information-sharing platform and storage space. Members can find learning materials and information by themselves on the intranet.

team culture

Training and Development

Whether it is the delivery of new policies within the company or continual learning, the intranet can be the central hub for learning and information.


Resource and Document Center

As an important document management tool, an intranet can ensure that members can efficiently find the files and versions they need.

analytics and reporting

Analytics and Reporting

The intranet can also become an efficient productivity tool. Combined with Power BI, the team can monitor their progress or goal tracking as a team together.

Why Do We Choose SharePoint?

  • SharePoint is highly customizable based on your needs and scalability for future expansion.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft apps and third-party tools and applications, creating a unified and familiar experience for users.
  • Highly secured with advanced protection measures.
  • Cost-effective solution and economically sustainable for future maintenance and expansion.
  • Support and resources are abundant due to the large community of users, developers, and partners.
company intranet

Our Approach

1. Understand Your Needs

We will first explain to your team about intranet’s capabilities and limitations. After understanding your needs, we will map out a solution for you.

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2. Implementation

Throughout the implementation, we will work hand-in-hand with your team regarding the transfer of the document and assign the user groups.

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3. Train and Guide

We will train your team on future maintenance and usage of the site, including the content updates to ensure future usage will be as simple and smooth as possible.

4. Launch the Site

Once the site is fully set up, we will publish the site and hand it over to your team for usage.

Features of SharePoint Intranet

news center

News Center and Announcement

Connect to an internal or external web source. Content can be face to all members or selected.

resource repository

Resource Repository

Quick access to all the frequently used resources including manuals, guides and documents.

document management

Document Management

A centralized document library for the company with permission assigned to different users.

event planning

Event Management

Reminder on daily schedules and events both as individuals, a team, and as a company.

custom web part

Custom Web Parts

Many customized elements are available from SharePoint to cater to different requirements and needs.

social corner

Social Corner

Integrate social media tools including Yammer to exchange information, discussion and build bonds.

analytics and reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Integrate with Power BI to monitor indicators, performance, and other metrics.


Device Independent

It’s highly flexible and adaptable on all devices with an internet connection.