M365 Toolkit

Analytics and Reporting

Features of Power BI Analytics

Embed data insights into your daily decisions from operation, optimization, and performance review with Microsoft Power BI.

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Effective Visual Dashboard

An interactive data dashboard can help you to monitor your insights with ease.

resource repository

Easy Sharing and Collaboration

Members can now share and collaborate on reports more easily.

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Compatible with Multiple Devices

Team members can view the reports and dashboards on any device at any time.

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Real-time Analytics

Know your insights at any time without any delays and manual possessing.

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Powerful Integration with other Microsoft Apps

Allow integration with other Microsoft Apps including Excel and multiple third-party platforms.

analytics and reporting

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Functions include Quick Insights, AI Insights, and the Analyze feature.

Why Do We Choose Power BI?

  • SharePoint is highly customizable based on your needs and scalability for future expansion.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft apps and third-party tools and applications, creating a unified and familiar experience for users.
  • Highly secured with advanced protection measures.
  • Cost-effective solution and economically sustainable for future maintenance and expansion.
  • Support and resources are abundant due to the large community of users, developers, and partners.

Having More Secure and Higher-quality Data Strategies

Collect, store, and manage your data sources in a centralized location with our data management solution with Microsoft Azure.