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Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

Convert your business data into valuable insights.

Effective Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-driven organizations are 162% more likely to significantly surpass revenue goals.

With data as a guide, you can make accurate decisions instead of relying on subjective judgment.

Improve Operational Efficiency

With powerful BI solutions, you can simply identify any business problems from the real-time data, monitor the performance against benchmark, and react timely.

Companies who adopt effective BI solutions with self-service reporting platforms can cut analysis time down by 90%.

New Revenue Discovery

97% of companies embracing BI and analytics can either meet or exceed their customer retention targets.

This is due to companies can better spot opportunities and discover patterns within data, such as understanding their customers better, and providing more customized experiences or product recommendations to increase conversion.

Increased Competitive Advantage

With the increase in competition and unpredictability in the market, you need to adopt effective business strategies to stay ahead, such as efficiency and service that makes your customer remember you.

In Singapore, 82% of data-driven companies reported reaping critical business advantages during the pandemic.

With BI solutions, companies can anticipate changes ahead instead of reacting to them. They can also understand their customers' preferences better and anticipate their needs, monitor seasonal changes in the market, and keep up with market trends.

Our Capabilities

Our Approach

Step One

Understand your business goal and data capabilities

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Step Two

Data exploration and extract value from the data

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Step Three

Perform data analysis, derive insights and formulate strategies

Step Four

Report findings through visualisation or self-reporting platform. Discuss on future maintenance

Case Study

Solution for Asset Management Partner


The client is an asset management company. They lacked a solution to view important metrics effectively.


The client requests high-quality data reporting systems that do not require much manual repetitious work.

Our Solution

We created an interactive self-reporting data system with all the key metrics in place. Greatly reduced manual labor time and increased reporting accuracy.

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